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Meet Alec: Music Composer and Audio Engineer for Video-Games


I am Alec Weesner, a Music Composer and Audio Engineer. I've worked as an audio professional for over 3 years in the gaming industry.

What I offer is helping you fall in love again with the game that you had originally intended to make. Game developers, after the long creative process, often feel fatigued and no longer feel the spark that they began with. What you are looking for is not just a gorgeous-sounding music for your scenes; what you are looking is someone who understands the story and your journey to share that story.

I aim to discover what that journey was like and communicate that through music. A music composer should become a part of the story-telling experience, and not just this serviceman who gives you a collection of audio files.   


Island War - 2020

Games for Love

Audio Lead

Audio Lead on a Risk-like card game brought to life in 3D

Composed the full soundtrack

Created all sound effects

Integrated music and SFX using FMOD


Burgos Games

Music Composer

Music Composer for a 2D/3D puzzle/platformer. Play as Nekoman to save his fiance and people from the evil space dog pirates

Followed Scrum methodology in communication and workflow with the team

Composed the Announcement Trailer

Banditos Studios

Music Composer

Music Composer on an RPG-action game. Become an experienced warlord and assist the people of Andoran

Explore the open world, recruit an army of heroes, defeat enemies, complete quests and capture gold mines

Other Projects

Music Composer/Business Manager

Composed, produced, and shipped royalty-free music for RPG and Fantasy game developers

Available on various game stores such as Unity, Unreal Engine, GameDev Market, and Scirra


Founder and Host of Music Design, a Youtube series that analyzes your favorite video-game music

Re-constructs popular video-game themes, and shows the techniques used by great composers


Co-Founder and piano, bass, and guitar musician for the alternative rock band, Klaviam

Songs featuring a wide array of both original music and covers


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I offer a 30-day, risk-free guarantee to all my clients. If you are unsatisfied with the music I create, I will refund 100% of your payment.

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