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Piano Tutoring for Kids!


You Decide Your Piano Path!

Within the first few lessons, my students learn how to:

(1) Cultivate a Love of Music and Piano    

(2) Effectively Read Notes    

(3) Fluidly Use Both Hands    

(4) Impress Friends and Family With Their Favorite Song

Children deserve lessons that are customized and focused on their goals!

Your Teacher


Hi! I am Alec, a piano instructor and experienced music composer based in South Orange County. My purpose on this earth is to serve our future generation and introduce them to the world of music.

over 15 years, while being mentored under extraordinary piano tutors, I've become an accomplished pianist and music teacher. I now give back to my own students this great gift of music.

Schedule Your First Lesson

(Learn About Ear-Training!)

  • Pick the days and times that work best for you

  • I offer my lessons at:

    • $45   for 45-Minutes

    • $35    for 30-Minutes

    • $55    for 60-Minutes

  • You have the choice of receiving piano lessons online or in your home

  • Learn all the styles of piano; from classical, to jazz, to contemporary and beyond!

  • Are you an adult beginner and want to learn? I teach adults as well!

  • Try out the first lesson free of charge!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, Contact me below and I'll respond within

24 hours.

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